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Bid a Gun - Auction Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Sale The following Terms and Conditions, constitutes the entire terms and conditions under which the property listed on this website WWW.GUNSA.CO.ZA and WWW.BIDAGUN.CO.ZA, Items offered for sale by GUN SA (Pty)Ltd or from sellers (OWNER) for the Item on Auction, Gun SA (Pty)Ltd act for.

  1. As used herein, the Auction Price shall mean the price at which a Item has been closed on by pushing the  button with the highest bid will be the winning bid , to a Buyer and the term “Auction Price” shall mean the aggregate of:
    1. The Auction Price,
    2. A commission PAYABLE BY THE Buyer OF 15% OF THE Auction Price, with a handling fee off R200-00,A Commission PAYABLE BY THE SELLER OF 20% OF THE Auction Price
  2. On COMPLETION of the Bids when the time period had finished its time period on Auction the highest bidder will have been deemed to have purchased the Item being offered and to have:
    1. Assumed full responsibility and liability for the ownership of the Item in accordance with the terms and conditions contained herein
    2. To undertake to settle the aggregate purchase price within a maximum of seventy two hours from the confirmation from GUNSA that the Buyer bid has been accepted. In the case of all firearms it is specifically recorded that the Buyer is deemed to have assumed full liability for ownership and payment in accordance with the terms and conditions contained herein irrespective of the granting or not of a South African Police Services license or permit for possession of the Item that was auctioned. All items requiring licenses’ shall be retained by GUN SA (Pty) Ltd pending proof of issuance of said licenses’. Should a license for any lot, for any reason whatsoever, be declined, and then the Buyer may require GUN SA (Pty) Ltd or a registered arms and ammunition dealer of the Buyer’s choice to resell such lot on the Buyer’s behalf. Such sale shall be conducted against the prevailing terms and conditions of the chosen dealer at time of resale and, irrespective of the Auction purchase price, at the price determined in agreement with the buyer and GUN SA. It is specifically noted that GUN SA (Pty) Ltd may in no way be held liable for a shortfall if any, between the auctions purchase price and the resale price. Under no circumstances shall any Item requiring SAPS licensing be released to any person or body not duly authorized to be in legal possession of Item that was auctioned, and unless all monies due have been settled in full and in accordance with the terms and conditions contained herein. No Items shall be deemed to have been paid for until all monies due have been delivered in cash or in Bank Cleared funds.
  3. All purchases may be paid for in cash, EFT or by Master Card or VISA. A premium of 5% will be levied for all Credit or Charge Card transactions. If the foregoing or any other conditions contained herein are not complied with by the buyer, GUN SA will have the right to hold the Buyer liable for the purchase price, and then we at our sole discretion may:
  4. Not except the sale, retaining as liquidation costs any amounts paid by the Buyer,
  5. Resell the Item.
  6. All payments to be made within 72 Hours. Items sold at auction and not paid for in full or collected, within 3 (Three) Months from the date of the auction, shall be deemed to be abandoned, All correspondence will be filled and all correspondence will be noted in late collections. GUN SA (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to dispose of the Item in any manner he sees fit to recover reasonable administration and/or storage costs from the disposal of said property and/or the Buyer. No subsequent claim arising from such a disposal shall be entertained by GUN SA (Pty) Ltd, also may not be held liable for any losses incurred by either the Seller or Buyer, or any other party, in this regard either publicly or privately and in such event to hold the Buyer liable for all costs including our commission and expenses for both sales, all other charges due hereunder, Attorneys fees and incidental charges will be charged as Attorney to Client Charged. All commissions, bid prices not settled by the buyer in terms of this clause shall be charged interest at South African Bankers prime lending rate plus 5 percent from the 5th day following the sale until settlement is received in full. In the event that a Buyer does not collect within 3 months of date of sale, of any item purchased, GUN SA (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to charge a storage fee of R110-00 per month or part thereof. Such fee being payable monthly in advance from the first day of the month within which the four month period shall expire. In the event that the Buyer fails in his obligation to GUN SA (Pty) Ltd to pay such fee, Gun SA, may resell such a item to recover such fee.
  7. We reserve the right to have a reserve price on any item. Unless actually stated by the Gun SA, all ITEMS shall be offered on the website www.gunsa.co.za or www.bidagun.co.za. We reserve the right to reject any bid. The highest bid acknowledged by the GUN SA (Pty) Ltd shall be deemed to be the final bid price. Our sale records shall be conclusive in any dispute during or after conclusion of the sale. GUN SA (Pty) Ltd accepts no liability for any losses of whatsoever nature caused by any legislative changes in regard to the possession, by individuals or bodies, of firearms or ammunition.
  8. If an item is offered subject to a reserve (this being the confidential minimum price required by the consignor) then GUN SA (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to open the bidding or to bid on the consignor’s behalf in order to protect such reserve. GUN SA (Pty) Ltd shall not bid on the consignor’s behalf above such reserve. IN NO EVENT MAY A SELLER BID ON ANY ITEM OFFERED FOR SALE BY THE SELLER.
  9. All ITEMS are sold “Voetstoets” except where the Item states NEW.
  10. If we undertake packaging or handling of any lots on the Buyer’s behalf it is done so entirely at the Buyer’s risk. We are not liable for carriers or packers including those recommended by us. Such carriers or packers may carry their own insurance and any claims for loss or damage should be addressed directly to them.
  11. These Conditions of Sale and the respective rights of the Buyer and GUN SA, are governed by the laws of South Africa. By bidding at an auction in person, or by agent, order-bid or telephone or other means, the buyer or bidder agrees to be bound by these Conditions of Sale. Any dispute controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or the breach, termination or validity thereof, brought by or against GUN SA (Pty)Ltd(but not including claims brought against the consignor by the Buyer of the lots consigned hereunder) shall be resolved by the parties in
  12. These Conditions of Sale, shall bind the successors and assigns of all bidders and Buyer s and inure to the benefit of successors and assigns. No waiver amendment or modification of the terms hereof (other than posted notices or oral announcements during the sale) shall bind us unless specifically stated in writing signed by us.
  13. Absentee Bids. As a service to those bidders that are unable to attend the actual auction, we may at our sole discretion accept bids in advance of sale by telephone, or in writing on the bidding forms provided in the back of the sale catalogue. Please note that we cannot accept “buy” bids and all bids must clearly state the maximum bid that the bidder is willing to pay. In the event that identical absentee bids are received then the first bid received shall take preference. By bidding, a prospective Buyer acknowledges these increments. R100-00 per bid.