Important Notice

Dear Customers,

Please make appointments before arriving so we can first confirm that I and you are healthy. I am asking you to understand that for my safety and yours to please make sure we can see each other. I am asking if you do visit you will be wearing a mask and also stay at least at all-time 2m away from each other.

Like many of you, we have been closely watching how the COVID-19 outbreak has been evolving making decisions about my business operations and keeping the health and safety of our customers, colleagues and their communities as our top priority. As the World Health Organisation has declared the coronavirus a pandemic and President Cyril Ramaphosa declared it a national disaster, I working tirelessly to ensure that all your reasonable measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 while minimising contact directly with clients. I AM confident that we I continue to operate successfully and, that I have the continuity plans necessary to ensure the availability of all my services with minimal disruption. I will remain committed to delivering the best possible assistance during these unprecedented and challenging times. We do, however, acknowledge that online buying will be a safe situation for you and for me.

Thank you George Loubser

Important notice in regards to COVID-19 and collections/visiting our office: Click here to view

Welcome to the largest Hand Gun store in South Africa!
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Office Hours(Weekdays):8H00-17H00.Saturday 8H00-12H00
28 Buitekant Street, Roodepoort

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About Gun SA

Gun SA was started by George Loubser. In 2010 he opened the 1st Virtual Gun Shop in South Africa.


Not realizing the internet possibilities in trading Guns and Ammo on the internet. His goal was for a true virtual shop where most products can be found without leaving the safety of your house or office. His 35 years of experience, Started at the age of 13 doing sport shooting and hunting. He believes in using the right firearm for its intended purpose.(Don’t buy a .243 to shoot an eland in the bush-veld). Also he believes that all South African citizen’s bare the right to carry and own a firearm. As prescribed by the FCA, legally for the purpose it is intended for “Self-defense, Hunting or sport shooting”.


Gun SA is located at 28 Buitekant street, Roodepoort,Gauteng. George has been residing in Roodepoort for the past 30 years.